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Inbound marketing pitfalls to avoid (that we probably told you to do) | INBOUND AFTER HOURS S04 Ep04

Turns out that if you follow all the best practices for inbound, your stuff gets a little... safe. 😥⁠

We admit we've probably told you the opposite of this podcast in the past but hear us out.⁠

🤔 Is an awareness ebook REALLY the only content download you can produce for your audience?⁠

🤔 Okay, there's keyword volume, but would it really be relevant to create a piece with it at the centre?⁠

🤔 Do you need to be on all social channels? Think about where your persona frequents most.⁠

Ultimately, just because you can, it doesn't mean you should.

We've discussed pitfalls that many marketers fall into on the latest Inbound After Hours podcast, hosted by Rikki Lear and Andrew Thomas. Check it out!

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